We hear a lot about values and principles in the general media these days and if you believed everything you read, you might feel that we are not living our lives in the way we should. However, values are simple and they are ours to choose but what are they?

I have been successfully treating codependents for many years on an individual basis, changing people’s lives using effective integrative methods that I am continually developing. I realise the importance of learning tools and methods in order to enjoy a fuller life and better relationships.

I have recently seen the need to supplement my work with even more. By listening to clients, I am now transferring these effective methods into a group setting, starting January 23, 2021 over a four week period.

Group sessions will be held on Saturdays at:

  • 12PM — EST (New York)

Shame is the driver of many of the issues we face in our lives. Even experienced therapists do not always see the impact that shame based thinking can have on the Self, relationships and our view of the world. It remains hidden until we bring it into the light and deal with it. Many people live with shame based thinking without ever realizing that this is the driving force behind their dysfunction. However, once it is revealed, reframed and reapportioned, we can deal with it effectively. I have been writing a lot about shame recently because it is a major issue with the clients I work with and always has been.

Dr. Nicholas Jenner

Dedicated online psychologist with a passion to help individuals and couples get their life back #therapy #psychology #onlinetherapy

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